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Given the challenging nature of their occupations, anxiety is fairly common in Hollywood and among those in the limelight. Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is defined as constant worry over a host of problems rather than a specific one. 

Creative people and athletes are frequently under intense pressure to repeat the same or better quality work that propelled them to success in the first place, all while being scrutinized by a growing public. Contracts and stringent deadlines with record companies, coaches, and producers can place a strong emphasis on performance targets that ignore the artists’ and athletes’ health and well-being. It’s no surprise that anxiousness is frequent among this group, given their unpredictable schedules – long shifts on set, late-night performances, tough tour schedules, and hours-long, brutal training.

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This sort of anxiety, which affects a substantial percentage of the general population, has affected some of the most famous celebrities at one time or another. Among the well-known celebs are:

LeAnn Rimes is a songwriter, singer, producer, author, and actress, from the United States. LeAnn Rimes entered a treatment facility for acute anxiety and stress as recently as the mid of 2012. While the source of her anxiety isn’t mentioned in any media (and shouldn’t be, as client information is usually kept private), Ms. Rimes’ agent indicated that she just needed to re-learn coping mechanisms for the enormous worry that goes with becoming a celebrity.

Lena Dunham may come out as arrogant and careless, but she has struggled with anxiety when she was a kid. Lena once said that she can’t recall a time when she wasn’t worried. she further a lot of people usually believe that childhood life is wonderful and carefree but she doesn’t recall a single moment of my life when it didn’t seem like calamity was on the horizon.

She continued that for the first 4 years of her life her parents were probably like we have a kind of odd and unique child who sometimes likes to have a glass-half-empty perspective. When things worsened, including involuntary movements and quirks that left Dunham’s parents awake at night, she began taking medicine to help her cope with her anxiety.

Dunham said in a new People exclusively that she struggles with both generalized anxiety disorder and OCD, and that she considers herself fortunate that her parents were open to discussing these difficulties and treatments. She said that she would advise my teenage self that there’s no shame in seeking help from a teacher or telling a buddy that you’re uneasy.

Demi Lovato is no new to discussing mental health issues. She also co-founded Be Vocal to inspire others to speak up about their challenges, such as her personal battle with generalized anxiety disorder and bipolar disorder. While you may not associate bipolar disorder with generalized anxiety, mental illnesses such as anxiety and bipolar disorder frequently coexist.

According to the Huffington Post, Lovato said that she has experienced anxiety to the point where she felt numb. Because she was so stressed and concerned at some points in my life, she ended up being diagnosed with thyroid issues. She recalled going to the hospital one time because she felt like she had been drugged and was experiencing an acute anxiety attack.

He was a renowned painter who brings all forms of beautiful paintings to life. He is well-known among the public since the paintings he made are a reflection of some vital teachings for people. Unfortunately, as his career progressed, he developed a variety of mental health issues. He was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder as a result of these ailments, which made him feel agitated and worried about his situation. He is also been accused of consuming alcoholic drinks on a regular basis, which has been linked to anxiety disorders. His anxiousness was exacerbated by the deaths of his sister and brother. With the support of professionals, he was able to cope with it, but he tragically took his own life.

He is a talented musician who is well-known for the variety of songs he has written. He earned a reputation for himself in the music industry, and he is well-known. Because of his early experiences, he was labeled with generalized anxiety disorder. He has an alcoholic mother and an aggressive father who often harms him. He then declines to join a band because he is concerned about his health. To cope with his anxieties, he turned to illegal narcotics. He’s been able to cope with it since then, and he now plays in front of large crowds.

Ryan Reynolds, who is most known for his humorous roles, started his career in the Canadian-produced adolescent soap opera “Hillside,” which later aired on Nickelodeon in the United States.

The 45-year-old went on to become one of the most famous actors in major superhit films.

Reynolds has also been open about his lifelong battle with anxiety, revealing in 2018 that he would interview people in character to help him cope with his fear.

Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella Swan in the Twilight franchise, opened out to Marie Claire about her anxiety past. It was particularly intense between the ages of 15 and 20, she once stated. She said that she was worried all the time. She used to be a bit of a control freak. She’d make herself unwell if she didn’t know how anything was going to turn out, or she’d be locked up or constrained in a way that was quite debilitating.

She went on to say that as she’s gotten older, she’s learned to let stuff go and not get too worked up over things she thinks she’s said or done wrong. Also, hat she is incredibly proud of herself for being able to keep moving forward and not falling into any mental abyss. She said that’s something she has never done before.  grown wiser and more relaxed as she got older.

Stewart told Elle U.K. that she had grown out of her anxiousness, but it used to manifest itself in very tangible and physical ways. “I went through so much stress and periods of strife. I would have panic attacks… I had a stomach ache all of the time “she stated.

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