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José Silvadoros, an electronics repairman, became interested in psychology to raise his children’s intellectual capacity (IQ). Silva chose to discover more about the evolution of psychic talents after observing and being impressed by his daughter’s unexpected clairvoyance.

In 1944, Silva initiated the development of his approach, originally termed Silva Mind Control. Before releasing it publicly in the 1960s, he tested it on his friends and family. Silva was the focus of a biography published in 1990. He embraced a Unitarian conception of God.

Keep reading as we will learn more about Jose Silva’s mind control methods and meditation in this article.

The ‘Silva Method’ was devised in 1960 by self-taught parapsychologist Jose Silva in the rural Texas town of Laredo to help trainees increase intuition, develop healing powers and enter higher levels of consciousness.

In 1944, the developer of the Silva Method, Jose Silva, began researching the mysteries of the brain waves and the human mind. His studies demonstrated that mental control of alpha waves could increase IQ. This lead him to an entirely new linked field.

From a medical point of view, it is used in Psycho Neuro Immunology (PNI). PNI is taught and studied at Harvard University and numerous other top colleges across the globe. The Silva Method was the origin of several modern groups pursuing mind enhancement.

Independent scientific investigations have shown that alpha brain wave activity is connected with inner mental activity levels, rest, tranquility, creativity,  inspiration, rapid healing, learning, intuition, and memory. The mind training program that Jose designed is equally successful with adults and children.

Jose did not become a superstar, guru, or religious guide with disciples or followers despite his accomplishments.

The Silva method is a technique for self-help and meditation created by José Silva. Relaxation, the evolution of higher brain processes, and psychic powers like clairvoyance are said to boost an individual’s capabilities.

It has been categorized alternately as a new religious movement, a self-religion, and a cult.

The approach seeks to achieve and maintain an alpha state, a mental state characterized by brainwave frequencies of 7 to 14 hertz. Both daydreaming and falling asleep are alpha states.

Silva asserted that he had created a method that trained individuals to achieve heightened levels of consciousness. In addition, he asserted that he had devised a number of systematic mental processes that, when used during these states, permit an individual to mentally reflect on a specified objective. Once the mind is expanded or projected, as per Silva, a person can reportedly observe faraway things or places and communicate with a superior intelligence for direction. The information obtained by the projected mind is said to be experienced by the mind as ideas, feelings, images, odors, tastes, and sounds. This information can be utilized for problem resolution.

The Silva technique is based on the following three principles:

Alpha And Theta Mental States

These are the many brain wave states. When in theta or alpha state of mind, it is comparable to meditation, and the individual is able to put their body into a condition of conductive healing. In this state, cells are known to self-repair, stress dissipates, and the immune system is enhanced. This mindset also aids in overcoming undesirable behaviors such as excessive drinking and smoking. Additionally, the individual will find it a lot easier to combat negative thinking.

The Outcomes Of Healing Images

Healing imagery involves imagining the end result. Once the individual has reached an alpha or theta mental state, therapeutic imagery can be performed. One consideration is to perform the visualization in the present. The emotion you wish to manifest should be experienced in the present, not imagined in the future. If you wish to conquer abdominal pain, for example, you must believe that you are currently pain-free.

DBE Mental Processes

DBE represents Desire, Belief, and Expectation. The Silva approach requires that one first build a strong desire for the objective. This requires understanding precisely what is desired. The next stage is to firmly think that achieving the objective is possible. After that, there must be an absolute expectation that the objective will be achieved. This can be used for small goals, and small health concerns, as well as for large goals and serious situations. The basis of the DBE is the placebo effect. Self-healing can occur if the person believes he or she can be healed. The fact that actual medicinal treatments are tested against a placebo to determine their efficacy demonstrates the use of a placebo.

It was the first book written by José Silva on the Silva Mind method. Some would describe this as a “must-read.” This strategy should be taught in all schools and made available to students at a young age.

Years ago, while interacting with his own children to help them succeed in school, José Silva acquired all of the information he shares in the Jose Silva Mind Control method. When he tested them with mental training activities, the children’s academic grades improved rapidly, and astonishingly, they started to respond to his inquiries before he posed them; they had already become clairvoyant!

At the beginning of this book, José instructs us on how to meditate in order to achieve Alpha, the condition in which our neural activity oscillates between seven and fourteen cycles per second. On a mental screen, we project the bodies of those we wish to repair, including ourselves.

When picturing the outcome we want, we must want the event to occur, think that it will occur, and expect that it will occur.

When working in Alpha, we are in connection with Greater Intelligence and can only achieve positive outcomes. If, for instance, we attempted to cause somebody a headache, we would be the ones to experience the headache and/or break out of Alpha.

We are told that José once won $10,000 after getting a set of lottery numbers in a dream, and we are instructed on how to program dreams to solve particular problems, although he does not guarantee that we’ll win the lottery.

There is a chapter on utilizing our minds to enhance our health, in which we discover how to eliminate headaches.

We are told of what the majority of people consider to be the most fascinating aspect of Silva: the way that we are now being taught in the Silva Intuition Course, in which we tune and connect to unknown people, identify any issues they may have, and solve these issues.

People began studying the Silva Method Techniques several years ago with great success, and it is important to note that there are also refresher courses. Despite the need for much practice, there have been proven results. As an illustration, a woman’s spine was first crooked and then immediately straightened and corrected itself. It was eventually discovered that she had suffered from back aches for many years, and the issue has since been resolved with the Silva method. When we see these things clairvoyantly and in exquisite detail, we do not doubt that they are genuine.

In the book, one way of healing is described as follows:

  • Attain a meditative state and visualize the individual’s ailment on your mental screen.
  • Place a second image on the screen to the left, depicting the problem’s resolution (or correcting the problem yourself).
  • Now, project onto the screen, farther to the left, a picture of the individual in wonderful health, full of vitality and optimism. You cause by visualize with confidence in Alpha and Theta. Imagine that the desired outcome has already been achieved.

The Silva method is capable of curing even the most severe drug addicts, including cocaine and heroin addicts. Several decades ago, many people effortlessly kicked their smoking habit using the Silva method. Typically, a 30-day program is utilized in which a specific date to quit smoking is set, and when that date comes, people simply give up smoking from one day to the next and just never smoke again – in fact, they cannot.

Even though this book was published in 1978, it is as motivating and valuable today as it was then. You will learn how to address a wide range of difficulties in yourself and others.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to read this fundamental book on the Silva method, as well as potentially some of the others. Even better, you may enroll in one of the numerous Silva programs throughout the world.

The Silva Ultramind Techniques are an update to the traditional Silva Methods. The Silva Method was developed by Jose Silva, who claimed that the Ultramind version was preferable. Approximately ten years ago, The Silva Method was a popular topic, and people began to delve deeply into the field of personal development, but its popularity seemed to wane for a while. Several institutes have developed the Silva Ultramind System, an enhanced version of the Silva Method program. It is the most modern form of the Silva Method created by Jose Silva, and qualified practitioners teach it all over the world. People who have taken the Silva Ultramind System courses feel that it can achieve a few things for anyone willing to employ the Silva Method techniques it teaches. The following are some of the gains you would get from attending a Silva Ultramind course. 

Get Centered

How difficult is it for you to concentrate these days? Attention can be readily shifted from one news topic to another and from one drama to another. And this keeps your mind active around the clock!

This updated Silva Method course includes the same centering practice as its predecessor. Throughout the training, practitioners will guide you through the Silva Method Meditation several times. Each session lasts slightly longer than 20 minutes. Ultimately, though, you will be able to perform the focusing or centering exercise on your own with considerably less effort. Simply breathing, counting, and/or closing your eyes will suffice.

Better Organize Your Thoughts

Once you learn how to enter an alpha mental state, which is a major focus of the Silva method, it is more straightforward to sort through your thoughts because your mind is less crowded with tension and concern.

Being able to organize your thoughts expedites your ability to solve difficulties and conquer hurdles. And that equals greater achievement, greater enjoyment, and far less stress.

Create More Positive Expectations And Beliefs

As you begin to understand the power of your mind through the Silva Method, you will feel like you have more control over your life than ever before. You will feel more assured in your attempts to progress and obtain more of what you desire.

Get Guidance

One of the Silva Method strategies can be used to obtain direction whenever it is required. Apparently, Jose Silva invented this technique on his deathbed before passing away. He claimed that it was the most effective Silva Method technique he had created in decades of teaching mind training.

Note that there is a portion of creativity that includes your desires and a part that involves your best interests. Therefore, instruction from the part of creation that knows what’s best for you can be helpful when you do not know which road to take to reach your destination.

Remove Barriers And Negative Behavior

Another Silva Method technique presented in the Silva Ultramind System can assist you in reprogramming your thoughts and finding solutions to problems. If you need to solve a problem quickly, you can utilize this strategy, which takes around 5 minutes to complete.

You can utilize this strategy if you want to eliminate a harmful habit. You essentially teach your subconscious how you want matters to be for you, and when your subconscious accepts what you tell it, your habits begin to shift effortlessly.

Develop Your Intuitive Capacity To Read Objects And Individuals

Using Silva Ultramind, you can increase your intuitive capacity by recognizing information about specific individuals and objects.

This requires some faith in Jose Silva and the entire Silva Method. It’s a little strange to put yourself into different animals and things and attempt to interpret them.

Boost Your Energy!

This is a task that everyone must undertake, particularly at this time.

Greater energy of love, joy, or serenity can have miraculous effects on your health, success, and happiness. You need not believe in energy to understand this. Simply recall a moment when you felt really well and how everything seemed to operate better for you at that time.

Work On Recovery

One of the most essential features of the Silva Ultramind System is healing.

In the older Silva Method courses, healing was a significant component of the exercises, but this is not the case in the current course.

Focus On Being Thankful

This Silva Ultramind System course handles gratitude in a novel way, but in the end, it is still about finding things for which to be grateful.

You will develop a thankfulness practice that will increase your appreciation as well as your faith and hope for positive outcomes.

The Silva Techniques Taught Can Do Even More for You

Once you begin utilizing the Silva Method principles taught in the Silva Ultramind System, you discover unique ways to apply these techniques to your life. You will employ a Silva Method technique to move through, over, and under your worries, barriers, and problems.

You will find yourself swiftly shifting into a peaceful Alpha state of mind and functioning from that state of calm, which generates far superior outcomes than working from a state of fear and stress.


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