At The Balance, we believe in the power of continuity in care. Our tailored lasting approach ensures you receive ongoing, personalized support throughout your recovery journey. 

Our Four-Step Process

1 step

Residential Treatment

2 step

Secondary Treatment

3 step

Outpatient Continuous Care

4 step


Residential Treatment

Your journey begins with our residential treatment program, a comprehensive and immersive experience designed to address your unique needs. The first week focuses on assessment and detoxification, followed by two weeks of intensive therapy. In the fourth week, we emphasize family therapy and aftercare planning to lay a strong foundation for your ongoing recovery. 

Secondary Treatment

After residential treatment, our secondary care program provides a supportive environment where you can solidify the skills and progress you’ve made. You’ll reside in a shared setting and have the option to engage in outpatient therapy sessions as needed. 

Outpatient Continuous Care

Post-secondary care, our outpatient treatment offers flexibility and ongoing support as you transition back into your everyday life. You can access individual therapy sessions, participate in group therapies, or utilize our case management services to maintain your progress and address any challenges that arise. 

Refresher Visits

To ensure your long-term success, we encourage periodic refresher visits. These visits serve as opportunities to reinforce the skills learned during treatment, provide additional support, and help prevent potential relapses.

Detox and Therapy Process During Residential Treatment 

Week 1

The first week is focused on assessment and detoxification. Our experienced medical team ensures this process is safe, controlled, and as comfortable as possible. 

Weeks 2 and 3

These weeks involve intensive individual therapy, tailored to address your unique needs and promote healing. 

Week 4

The final week is dedicated to family therapy and aftercare planning, strengthening your support network and preparing you for a successful transition back to everyday life. 

Throughout your residential treatment, you’ll follow a structured schedule that includes therapy sessions, wellness activities, and sufficient rest. We take a holistic approach, caring for your overall well-being. 


Admissions Team

Our dedicated admission team is here to guide you through each step of the process. Reach out to them by phone, WhatsApp, or schedule a call to start your journey with us.

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