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Circadian rhythm is the sleep pattern of the human body. The human body requires to sleep up to 7 to 8 hours per hour. It is also necessary for the normal functioning of the human mind and body. Insomnia is the inability of the human body to get enough sleep. There can be various associated causes of insomnia in humans. This type of insomnia refers to the induction of insomnia in females after their childbirth. The birth of the child brings numerous psychological and physical changes to the human body. Insomnia is also one of these results. It can have different causes. But with time, it reduces. With the help of some guidance and medications, it is possible to get back to the natural cycle of sleep. 

Post-partum insomnia is the disturbance in the circadian rhythm after the birth of the child. Change in the routine of daily life also leads to it. During the third trimester of the pregnancy, females start facing insomnia. Their hormonal and body changes disrupt their sleep cycle. They find it hard to get sufficient sleep. Also, it makes them more tired and dizzy during the day.

Insomnia Diagnosis and Inpatient Luxury Treatment

So, this insomnia lasts even after the birth of their child. However, every mother tries to adjust to the new schedule and life cycle after the birth of their child. It takes place if the mother experiences difficulty in sleeping at night or gets a poor quality of sleep. When these symptoms only last for up to three months, then it is known as short-term insomnia.

Numerous factors lead to the development of insomnia in mothers. Post-partum depression is one of the significant causes of the occurrence of post-partum depression in new mothers. After the birth of a child, females go through the phase of depression. This drastic change in their life takes a toll on their psychological health. It results in anxiety, stress, and tiredness. Resultantly it takes them some time to get adjusted to this new routine. This depression also results in the change and quite disturbance in their habit of sleeping and causes post-partum insomnia.

Also, a lot of the hormonal changes in the body of females take place during pregnancy and childbirth. These hormonal changes also cause a disturbance in the occurrence of the circadian rhythm of the body. After the birth of the child, the levels of progesterone decrease in the body. Progesterone is the hormone that is responsible for relaxation and sleep. Also, melanin is another hormone that induces sleep. The level of this hormone also reduces after the birth of the child. As a result of which females find it difficult to get their required sleep.

Mothers also face extra workload after the birth of the child. They need to wake up at night the baby. Also, newborn babies are easy to get a fever or developing infections. So, these changes tend to make mothers tired and exhausting. They find it hard to get the time for their sleep. It leads to the development of post-partum insomnia in females.

There are numerous symptoms of new mom insomnia in females. These symptoms include anxiousness and a feeling of restlessness. Because of the lack of sleep, their body does not get enough rest. They feel tired and dizzy most of the time. While sleeping, they keep turning into the bed and fail to fall asleep. There are various hormonal changes in their body during and after pregnancy.

As a result, they either feel too hold or too old. They also experience night sweats and hot flashes. They do not get good quality sleep and keep waking up in the middle of sleep. They also experience weird dreams while sleeping. They hear the false sound of a baby crying. Their mood also changes quickly and they show excessive mood swings. They fail to remain relaxed rather than remain worried most of the time. All of these symptoms are an indication of insomnia after pregnancy.

There is no specific period for how long does post-partum insomnia lasts. It is purely a psychological issue that takes some time to get managed. An increase in the level of the oxytocin hormone also keeps the mother awake. So, the real-time duration of this insomnia varies from person to person. Some mothers get over it quickly with relaxation techniques. Some mothers find it hard to get rid of it for a prolonged period. In that case, it may continue for few months.

Numerous options are available for post-partum insomnia treatment. Taking chamomile tea is a good herbal option. It not only relaxes the body but also induces sleep. The effectiveness of lavender tea in managing stress and anxiety is also manifold. It calms the nerves of mothers. Also, it boosts the bond between the mother and the baby. It has caused a positive impact on the ability of mothers to take sleep. During pregnancy shortage of various minerals and vitamins also takes place. A regular intake of iron and magnesium is necessary. It also results in an improvement in the sleep cycle of the mothers. Various tips and tricks for getting enough sleep are also helpful for new mothers. By following these tips, they can slowly get hold of their sleep cycle like before.

1. Adjust their sleep timings with the baby:

 Mothers face trouble sleeping after c section. Mothers should try to adjust their sleep timings with the baby’s sleep timings. Most of the time, they prefer to do the household tasks when the child sleeps. On the contrary, it is better to go for rest and sleep at the same time when the baby sleeps.

2. Sleepy environment:

Try to give your bedroom a sleepy environment. It will help to make you asleep quickly. Children also need a lot of sleep. This environment will also help them to fall asleep. Also, do not use electronic devices like cell phones, tv, and laptops. These devices also keep you and your baby awake unnecessarily. It’s better to avoid them for overcoming horrible postpartum insomnia.

3. Reduce the intake of Caffeine:

Taking caffeine also keeps you active. Most women after the birth of a baby, increase their uptake of coffee. They do it for getting alertness and consciousness. It helps them in taking care of the child. But it negatively impacts their sleep pattern. Mother must stop taking coffee.

4. Perform relaxation exercises:

Keeping the body calm and relaxed is also necessary for getting sleep. Mothers, after the birth of their child, become more anxious and irritable. Performing deep breathing and relaxation exercises are crucial for them. They make them feel relaxed and calm. They should perform deep breathing. Inhale and keep the air inside for the count of three. After that, they should exhale the air. It makes the muscles relaxed and peaceful. Relaxation of muscles makes mothers prone to sleep. Mothers should practice these exercises few times a day. 

 5. Positive thinking:

Stress and anxiety is also the cause of insomnia. It is also crucial for mothers to feel optimistic about themselves. Negative thinking and stress lead to a lack of sleep and a disturbed sleep cycle. Try to surround yourself with positive people and remain happy. It is necessary to take hold of the thinking process in your mind. Otherwise, stress and anxiety keep you overwhelmed.


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