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Binge Eating Disorder Treatment

Binge eating disorder (BED) is one of the most common eating disorders in the United States. Affecting 3.5 percent of women, 2 percent of men, and approximately 1.6 percent of young adults, the disorder presents several challenges in daily life, making treatment essential. Nevertheless, surveys suggest that only 43.6 percent of people with this order […]

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A woman binge eating while she watched a show.
Binge Eating Disorder

Everyone seems to overeat once in a while, but when this behavior tends to linger on and happens more frequently, it potentially indicates an underlying psychiatric condition. Binge eating disorder, or BED, is one of the most serious yet treatable types of eating disorder in the world. Characterized by recurring episodes of consuming large quantities […]

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How To Stop Binge Eating

Binge eating disorder usually develops in adolescent years or early childhood, following a substantial diet. During a binge, you might eat even if you’re not hungry and eat until you’re completely satisfied. You could also binge so quickly that you don’t notice what you’re eating or tasting. There are no recurring efforts to “make up” for the binges through fasting, vomiting, or over-exercising, unlike bulimia.

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What Does Recovery From Binge Eating Disorder Look Like

Binge eating disorder recovery can be a difficult journey. Perhaps you’re concerned that you’re moving too quickly or not getting enough progress.

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