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Sleep is an instinctively punctuated state of mind pertaining to divergent consciousness, lessened perception of environmental stimuli, restricted or reduced activity of nearly all body skeletal muscles, and conserved behavior. Sleep is a reviving phenomenon for most of our vital body systems like the nervous system, immune system, muscular and skeletal systems which seem to restore and stabilize their activity during sleep.

Most people sleep at night, which is regulated by the innate circadian clock(a neurotransmitter) situated in our minds. Various researches have been done on this naturally recurring phenomenon, and it is has been verified that there are certain benefits that a body scoops from a healthy sleep such as metabolic regulation, energy restoration, detoxification, thermoregulation, brain maturation, synaptic optimization, boosting the immune system, circuit organization, avoiding danger, and much more.

Research has proven that, on average, a person spends one-third of his life sleeping, and the position you take while comfortably sleeping reveals something about your distinctive personality.

When we talk about sleeping positions that help snooze us comfortably and peacefully when we are unconscious, it seems to reflect our innermost selves honestly. There have been many controversies claiming which sleep position is better to sleep but honestly saying you should sleep in any position you are comfortable with because it is far better than not sleeping.

Following are some exciting sleeping poses that have noteworthy in their signs and reflections:

Side Sleeper

Side sleepers can have two sleeping positions;

  • The yearning position
  • Log roller

Stomach Sleeper

Stomach sleeping positions are divided into;

  • Fetal position
  • The skydiver
  • The free faller

Back Sleeper

These are further subdivided into;

  • The shooting star
  • The soldier position

Some other types include;

  • Pillow Huggers
  • Multidimensional Sleepers
  • Sleeping With one leg Raised

If you are looking for sleeping positions that will normalize your blood flow between the kidneys, heart, fetus, and uterus, then side sleeping positions are something made for you. 

Insomnia Diagnosis and Luxury Treatment

Sleeping on the left side is often chosen by people battling heartburn and acid flux because sleeping on this side seems to aid in comforting digestive problems. Being a side sleeper, you are a part of that 60% population that prefers sleeping on sides. Given below are the different positions opted by the side sleepers:

Log Roller Position

When a side sleeper sleeps with arms on his side and legs extended straight, he sleeps in a log roller position.

Though this sleeping position looks quite uncomfortable, it has been declared the second most common sleeping position. This position proves a boon for you if you are suffering from neck pain and back pain problems because, in this position, your neck and back remain in alignment. Six percent of the total population is a log roller sleeper.

What It Reveals About You:

Being a log roller sleeper, you are an open, agreeable, extrovert, kind, social, and easy-going person. You usually trust people easily; that’s why you are more at risk of being gullied smartly by outsiders. You often seem to prioritize running with the A-list crowd. You are a calm and trustworthy person and to make you offended is not an easy task. You believe in handling problems with a smile.

Yearning Position

When a side snoozer sleeps in position with arms stretched in front of him like a mummy, he sleeps in a yearning posture.

This sleeping posture is much appreciated in persons tackling hip pain or back pain.

What It Reveals About You: 

Studies have proven that if you are a yearner, you are more likely to be an open and inviting person. You are a broad-minded but a bit skeptical kind of a person and often get slow and confused while making decisions, but once you decide something, you strictly follow your path. Being a yearner, you always remain doubtful of making new companions and friends. But at the same time, you are also reliable and good friends.

Statistics revealed that 7 percent of the total population prefer sleeping on the stomach. However, sleeping on your stomach is not much appreciated by physicians due to adverse health impacts. As it puts strain on your neck and back and the muscles connecting them, this results in waking up with pain in these parts.

Aside from the negative impacts, there are also some benefits which you can enjoy being a stomach sleeper. It can help in relieving contrarious breathing cessation and acute snoring problems. 

Fetal Position

If a person sleeps like a baby with legs curled underneath his body, his sleeping position is characterized by the fetal position.

In light of research work performed by Chris Idzikowski, it has been revealed that 47 percent of the total population sleep in this position. Sleeping in this posture during pregnancy helps in improving blood circulation in the fetus and prevents the uterus from pressing against the liver. 

What It Reveals About You: 

If you fall under the category of fetal posture snoozers, then you are more likely to be timid, introverted, shy, sensitive, protective, and hard from outside. You seem to be complicated from the outside that conceals your instinctive shy nature. And in most cases, you feel shy in taking a start, but once it is started, you relax and open up quite quickly.

Sky Diving Position

If a stomach sleeper sleeps with his head on one side while wrapping arms around behind the pillow, then he is in a skydiving snoozing position.

Though it looks very comfortable, it is featured as one of the horrible ways to sleep. Because this sleep posture puts strain on the neck and back muscles and causes airway blockage, this posture is also responsible for spine anomalies due to excessive stress on them. 

What It Reveals About You:

Being a skydiver stomach sleeper, you have more chances to be playful, free-spirited, fun personality, very social, experimental fun seeker, and bold. You seem to be very tough, but when it comes to criticism or absurd situations, you do not prove yourself to be patient enough. You appear to be courageous, but you always try hard to control any situation and your emotions deep down. You are also called risk-takers.

Based on the fact that every position has its pros and cons, back sleepers also enjoy some benefits and some negative effects owing to the habit of sleeping in this position. Back sleepers enjoy improved breathing, a better respiratory system, improved alignment of spines, improved blood oxygen level, and reduced tension headaches. But if we make a comparison, then the pros often deviate from the curve with increased benefits.

This sleeping position has also been marked to serve you owing to the upsides like stave off acid reflux, improvement in back and neck pain, restoration of your natural body position, reduced heartburn, and lessened pressure on thighs and back.

The Shooting Star Position

These snoozers sleep on their backs like starfish with their legs stretched out and arms stretched up beyond the head. 

The shooting star is a very uncommon and unique sleeping posture. This posture is defined by the carefree stretching of limbs over the entire bed surface. This sleeping position will help you if you are suffering from acid reflux problems and sleep apnea.

However, it is also found to increase snoring. This posture is not recommended to you if you often face sleep disturbances. And it has also been surveyed that men are more likely to sleep in this position than women.

What It Reveals About You: 

Starfish sleeping posture portrays your personality, being selfless, enthusiastic about lending a helping hand to a friend when needed, and loving to be caring and supportive. You also prove to be a good listener and a person who prioritizes relationships. You are unconventional and open leaders and are unique souls. You possibly don’t like to be the center of attraction of people.

The Soldier Position

When a back sleeper sleeps straight with arms on both sides like a soldier, he exhibits a sleepy soldier position.

This sleeping position can result in snoring, but it comforts your neck and back to remain in perfect alignment. It aids in diminishing premature wrinkles and evenly distributes the whole body weight without putting extra strain on the neck and spines. 

It is not a well-appreciated sleep position for persons tackling sleep apnea. It is found to be more common in older people and helps in avoiding unwelcomed skin changes. Sleepy soldiers make up 11 percent of the overall population.

What It Reveals About You: 

If you are a sleepy soldier, then you are calm, quiet, strong, well adjusted, focused, a fuss avoider, and a reserved kind of a person. You probably build high expectations of yourself and the people around you. You generally seem to practice high living standards and strict moral codes. You recognize your goals and devotedly endeavor to clock up them.

Pillow Huggers

If a person hugs a pillow close to his body, wrapping his arms around the pillow, then he is a pillow hugger sleeper during sleep.

This sleeping position is very comfortable and also gives several health benefits to the sleeper.

Sleeping With One Leg Raised

If you sleep with one leg lifted like a heron, then this reflects that you are a person with the following attributes:

  • Indeterminate personality
  • Prefer stability
  • Your mood changes very quickly
  • Prioritize quietness, peace, and thoroughness
  • Face difficulty in making decisions

Multidimensional Sleepers

Those who don’t constantly sleep in a single posture and keep changing their positions while sleeping are multidimensional sleepers.

It reveals that if you fall under the multidimensional sleepers category, you belong to a group of people with a multilayered personality. Your personality has deeply hidden depths, and even you are not able to fully perceive it.

If you are searching for the best sleep position, then in an honest opinion, there is no best sleep position, but the tag of best sleeping position varies from person to person.

If you frequently face disturbance while sleeping or wake up with body pain or discomfort, then you certainly need to look upon the effects and impacts of your current snoozing posture.

But if your current sleeping position does not put hurdles in getting your required amount of zzz’s and you don’t wake up with body pain, you need not worry about changing your sleep position.

After going through all these sleeping position characteristics, you should not take them as final words about your personality and keep seeking to discover yourself.

Meanwhile, there is a link between your sleeping layout and your personality. If you cannot plunge deep into a quality sleep, you should strive to alter your sleeping position. Still, it would be best to first think about health gains and not prioritize the related personality traits as an end thing.

Everyone acquires his unique bedtime needs, so sleep on the side that best fits you because many factors contribute to making sleep a quality sleep, and sleeping position is one of them.


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