Uses Of Exposure Therapy

Exposure-based therapies include a wide range of behavioral techniques that mostly involve exposing phobic patients to feared situations.

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What Is Exposure Therapy

Exposure therapy is a type of treatment that assists people in overcoming fears or anxieties that are triggered by activities, objects, or circumstances. Psychologists and therapists utilize it to manage post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and phobias. People have the propensity to avoid objects and situations that they fear. Based on the American Psychological Association, exposure […]

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Two women petting horses.
Equine Therapy

Animals can provide an extraordinary amount of emotional support to humans. Beyond the standard pet-owner relationship that the majority has lovingly experienced, animals can sometimes be used in therapeutic settings to help struggling individuals navigate their challenging emotional experiences. Different animals, such as cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and rabbits, have already been used for similar […]

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A person taking a walk in nature with sunlight streaming from behind.
One Client at a Time: Benefits and Outcomes

Taking care of ourselves should always be a priority. Problems arise with the complexity of life. Turning into rehab, counseling, or a treatment center might be a heavy step but it is brave. It means you are putting yourself first and choosing to work on your body, mind, and soul. Treatment is not limited to mental health problems, but it also encompasses instances where we need a break too.

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Somatic Experiencing Therapy

Dr. Peter A. Levine, Ph.D. pioneered Somatic therapy after seeing how wild animals heal from recurrent traumatic encounters, such as predator attacks (for instance gazelles avoiding an attack of a cheetah). What he observed was that when a threat was removed, the animals physically released their fight-or-flight energy by trembling, shaking, and occasionally sprinting. He also observed that once the […]

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How Is Behavior Therapy Different Than Psychoanalysis

Psychoanalysis and behavior therapy, like all other types of therapy, have the same goal of lowering psychological symptoms and improving the patients’ quality of life. Both of these will be successful to varying degrees depending on the aptitude and commitment of the therapist or analyst and the client. Also, the different techniques employed will have a definite role in it. Between behavior therapy and psychoanalysis, there are some significant differences.

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When Is It Time To Seek Marriage Counseling

Are you and your partner no longer on the same page? Discover whether it’s time for marriage counseling and how to rekindle the flame in this guide. Maintaining a long-term, steady relationship is among the most challenging tasks that humans assign themselves. When two people live in close proximity, conflicts, arguments, and confrontations are unavoidable. […]

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Marriage Counseling

Marriage isn’t as easy as couples think it is, even before, during, and after the wedding ceremony. It necessitates dedication and perseverance. It is common for newlyweds to discover that they aren’t as compatible as they thought they were after the honeymoon time. Alternatively, they meet issues that they never expected to have to deal […]

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